Sunday, August 26, 2012


Dear Diary,

I know it's been five months since I last posted and I'm not going to apologize and make promises again because I know I won't be keeping them. Five months - there are lots of things I need to share like our new place, my birthday, my summer, and everything in between - too overwhelming now but I'm excited to blog about them soon. But at the moment, I'd like to share something that got my attention quickly and lingered in my mind 'til now. I happened to chance upon this post on Tumblr. Such a shame I only knew about the blog just tonight. Anyways, this particular doodle precisely describes the story of my life.

“The Never Lonely Lonely Girl”

Dinah used to always worry that she’d end up alone,
Because she struggled to abandon her comfort zone.
Surrounded by books is where she felt right at home,
Many weekend nights spent pouring over a new tome.

And while she has friends, she’s no one’s one and only
Despite no significant other, she never feels lonely.
Dinah felt she must be strange, must be mad as a hatter
But eventually she realized, “what the hell does it matter?”

So she loves books! And how can that be wrong?
Her literary tastes are varied, her comprehension strong.
Humans are well and good, but they will come and go.
A new book, however, is always a loyal n’ loving bedfellow.

Alone but not lonely, as books stay through the ages
If Dinah wants company, she just turns the pages.

by David Michael Chandler

See? I told you. It's so me. Dinah is me. I've been reading books since I started to learn how to read. It's my pleasure and happiness. I have a wide range of book collection that I was able to accumulate through the years, and I enjoy discussing about them with my best friends who are also voracious readers like myself. Books are part of my childhood, teenage, and early adult life. Even now with my very hectic school and work schedule, I'd still squeeze in some time to read. I need it to balance my life. Reading allows me to escape my world and enter to their world. It stimulates my imagination and, for me, it's healthy and beneficial. I oftentimes don't care about the craziness of the world - partying, dating, and whatever - So what? Just as long as I have a good book to read. <3 div="div">

PS Currently pending to be read: Perks of Being a WallFlower by Stephen Chbosky and The Faults in our Stars by John Green. Fingers crossed I find time for them, lovelies.