Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm back after THREE LONG YEARS!!!

Dearest my blogspot blog which was once named "eypsvodkamudshake",

I am honestly quite not sure about the name I once named you. After three years, I almost puked at the sight of it that I instantly deleted it and put on a new one. I'm sorry for being MIA for three years. I was enticed by another blog site called Tumblr and found it so much fun. But, don't worry, I'm back now. It was a long process to have you again. You see, I forgot your password, and then I hated your theme. So, I have to edit out a lot of things to get to what you look now which fits my 22 year-old self's taste. I had to delete my two older posts back in 2009 because they're just too embarrassing. (Really, self? You had to blog about your failed skinny loves before? *facepalm*)

Anyways, Tumblr was and still is so much fun. It's just that I missed having a legit blog where I can share anything and everything about me without any reblogged photos, videos, and whatnots from other Tumblr blogs. I think, you are more personal. With that being said, I'm planning on catching up for lost times. I'm going to post everything that happened to me for the past three years!!! (Uh, yeah, I don't know how I can do that and how long it will take me to get it done. Oh my.) But, that's my plan.

I'm naming you now Forever Young. That's my blog's name in Tumblr, too. Look->! I want to have the same things on both my blogs, so there. I'll be posting everything from what I'm busy with to things that interest me such as concerts, movies, basketball and football games, indie bands, books, and travelling.

Another thing, I plan that with every post, I'll be starting with Dear Diary because that's what you are to me -- my diary. I kept diaries when I was still a kid and I still have them with me. I started every post with Dear Diary and I find it so cute. I know it's too common but idgaf, and I know that there's a big difference between then and now. Back then, no one reads my diary. I had it locked so even my Mum can't read it. Now, everyone can read what I write on here. And it's okay. At this day and age when everyone has a blog, it's understandable and acceptable that everything can be seen and read. Even I peek at some other's lives through their blogs. So it's completely fine. And imagine, 30 or 40 years from now, when I Google myself and see this page, at least I can reminisce parts of my life through you, My Dear Diary.

I'm glad to be back. 


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