Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little bit of catching up to do: DCFC Concert and RareJob.

Dear Diary,

I'm sorry I've been away for too long. I know I promised to keep you posted always but my schedule at the moment won't allow me. My last post was about my first day in school, so we'll continue with that. I started with my online classes in UP about Caring for the Child with Special Needs last February27 and we're on the second week now. Our first module was about the theories on human growth and development although the module only discussed about Erik Erikson's theory. We were given an assignment where we would discuss one of the many theories and apply it to the Filipino culture. I tackled Lawrence Kohlberg's theory which is called Stages of Moral Development. We were only told to do a short paper but I did a 3-page assignment. Well, I guess you can still call it a short paper. It was pretty hard thing to do since I was so overwhelmed by the thought of me studying again, and the difficulty of the first assignment. I want to excel in this course so I was really pressuring myself to be the best I can be. It took me about 4to5 days to study the modules and think of what theory to discuss. Another snag to my goal was...I passed the paper past the due date. It was such a shameful, irresponsible thing to mistakenly assume that the deadline is on March5 11:59pm instead of the correct one which is on March5 12:00am. Ugh! I am the biggest idiot. Anyways, I explained myself to my professor and I hope she considers my excuse. I haven't heard from her yet. No reply to my e-mail, but she went online to post this week's modules and activities. Ugh.

On to a lighter note, on the evening of March5, I had the privilege to watch the concert of one of the best bands (in my book) in the world--The Death Cab For Cutie. I was with my two hipster lovers, Joanna and Virginia. It was our first time to watch a concert together so it was pretty special. The concert started around 8:40pm, as usual late than the announced 8:00pm start. I was undoubtedly amazed by how amazing they were. Seriously! I can't think of any flaw to say about their band. Every one in the band was great. Plus, Ben Gibbard was extremely fit and attractive in person. I didn't expect it, really, since he always look awkward and unattractive in photos. My friend Joanna was the one who took photos and videos but unfortunately she hasn't uploaded them yet since she doesn't have internet access at her home at the moment. So, I'll just share some of the photos I took after coming home from the concert. Brace yourself for some narcissism. 

One of the reasons why my schedule is tight lately is my online tutoring classes for the Japanese with RareJob. I've started last March6 and the schedule I plotted for this week and next week is from 5pm-8pm and 10pm-12mn. You can imagine how my day goes, how tight it is that what I can do is to look at my drafts folder on Tumblr to keep it alive by posting an average of two a day. And I rarely get to tweet also, but it's a good thing, though. The thing that I put least attention to is you, my dearest diary. I hope this round-up of my activities for the past week would suffice my absence.


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